It took me 6 months to make 1 post.

So quick updates around this little wordpress deployment on Azure.

Redeployed the Azure Websites from East Asia to SouthEast Asia! Yay! Azure websites is now available in SEA region too! See blog post.
Deleted most of my previous Azure SQL Databases and redeployed unto the new service tier-ed offerings. Currently using Standard Tier 1, (S1). Seems, like the pricing is not based on the volume of data you store, but how much throughput you are looking for. See blog post.
With that we are introduced to a new term, Database Throughput Units (DTUs). This is a unit of reference as to how much transactions your database service performs over a period of time. Read up more on this on MSDN.

Most important, we need to give kudos to the ProjectNami folks, who had made deployment of WordPress on Azure super easy.
Please do follow them on twitter.

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