Hello world! (For the N-th time)


Hello World indeed. I have been trying to keep a blog for the last 4 years, but to no success.
In fact, this is the my 5th attempt in setting up a blog underneath the nenggiin.com domain.

Well let’s see how far this will get me 🙂
I will be trying to keep some rhythm and frequency of blog posts.

The last attempt failed because of some technical limitations of using the free tier of Windows Azure Websites. There was a limit of 20MB of free MySQL DB that was pack of the application package that came from the gallery of Azure Websites.
Unfortunately, I do not know to unlink the MySQL DB or increase the available quota.

The good news is that I found ProjectNami on Github. Project Nami is a wordpress fork that is designed to work with MSSQL. I deleted my old azure websites deployment, followed the clear and simple steps showed at ProjectNami’s webpage and got this blog up and running within half an hour. Please do give the folks @ project Nami some kudos.

This blog will have not have much customization on the appearance, but i’m not going to get ahead of myself. Let’s see how this goes.

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