As soon as the wood was silent again Susan and Lucy crept out onto the open hilltop. The moon was getting low and thin clouds were passing across her, but still they could see the shape of the Lion lying dead in his bonds. And down they both knelt in the wet grass and kissed his cold face and stroked his beautiful fur—what was left of it—and cried till they could cry no more. And then they looked at each other and held each other’s hands for mere loneliness and cried again; and then again were silent. At last Lucy said, “I can’t bear to look at that horrible muzzle. I wonder, could we take it off?”

So they tried. And after a lot of working at it (for their fingers were cold and it was now the darkest part of the night) they succeeded. And when they saw his face without it they burst out crying again and kissed it and fondled it and wiped away the blood and the foam as well as they could. And it was all more lonely and hopeless and horrid than I know how to describe.

“I wonder, could we untie him as well?” said Susan presently. But the enemies, out of pure spitefulness, had drawn the cords so tight that the girls could make nothing of the knots.

I hope no one who reads this book has been quite as miserable as Susan and Lucy were that night; but if you have been—if you’ve been up all night and cried till you have no more tears left in you—you will know that there comes in the end a sort of quietness. You feel as if nothing was ever going to happen again. At any rate that was how it felt to these two. Hours and hours seemed to go by in this dead calm, and they hardly noticed that they were getting colder and colder.


From The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Compiled in A Year with Aslan
From subscription to C.S. Lewis Daily

Win10 Build 9926 screen capture

I spent some hours from my weekend playing around with Windows 10 Build 9926.
Friends, out of curiosity, I really like to know what do you think about it.

What are the good, bad and the ugly?


Some time ago, in a meeting room, far far away from Singapore.
A meeting took place. A program manager was presenting some slides to his immediate team.
Abruptly, a pent-up developer stood up and yelled, “THIS IS SPARTA!”.
The program manager took it literally.

So quick updates around this little wordpress deployment on Azure.

Redeployed the Azure Websites from East Asia to SouthEast Asia! Yay! Azure websites is now available in SEA region too! See blog post.
Deleted most of my previous Azure SQL Databases and redeployed unto the new service tier-ed offerings. Currently using Standard Tier 1, (S1). Seems, like the pricing is not based on the volume of data you store, but how much throughput you are looking for. See blog post.
With that we are introduced to a new term, Database Throughput Units (DTUs). This is a unit of reference as to how much transactions your database service performs over a period of time. Read up more on this on MSDN.

Most important, we need to give kudos to the ProjectNami folks, who had made deployment of WordPress on Azure super easy.
Please do follow them on twitter.


Hello World indeed. I have been trying to keep a blog for the last 4 years, but to no success.
In fact, this is the my 5th attempt in setting up a blog underneath the domain.

Well let’s see how far this will get me 🙂
I will be trying to keep some rhythm and frequency of blog posts.

The last attempt failed because of some technical limitations of using the free tier of Windows Azure Websites. There was a limit of 20MB of free MySQL DB that was pack of the application package that came from the gallery of Azure Websites.
Unfortunately, I do not know to unlink the MySQL DB or increase the available quota.

The good news is that I found ProjectNami on Github. Project Nami is a wordpress fork that is designed to work with MSSQL. I deleted my old azure websites deployment, followed the clear and simple steps showed at ProjectNami’s webpage and got this blog up and running within half an hour. Please do give the folks @ project Nami some kudos.

This blog will have not have much customization on the appearance, but i’m not going to get ahead of myself. Let’s see how this goes.